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The AirDNA Experience

Supplying Testing and Solution Services for:

Homes Small Business  Large Facilities • Legal Disputes

AirDNA is experienced Certified Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators on staff to help you solve destructive mold and pathogen issues. We go beyond mold testing with the AirDNA Experience to guide you through the comprehensive process.



We start with a hands-on visual inspection of the home or office. We first look for signs of water damage, sources of moisture intrusion, and other warning signs that equipment alone cannot detect.

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Once we have completed the initial inspection, we will set up our equipment in the most effective areas. We sample for a number of destructive chemicals and pathogens to get a full picture of the home or building's health.

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We next send the samples to a nationally accredited laboratory for fast, accurate results. These samples are compared to baseline samples taken on site.


What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You.


Modern home and building construction, coupled with the Southeast's high humidity, makes for a perfect breeding ground for mold, harmful VOCs, bacteria, and other damaging compounds. The difference between an AirDNA assessment and a simple mold test is knowledge.

AirDNA provides knowledge of not just what's in the air, but in your home, your building, as a whole. While air sampling is an important part of what we do, our assessments include visual inspection by a trained and seasoned assessment professional, bore tests to check inside your wall, and thermal imaging where necessary. When we provide the results, our assessment will include the necessary remediation techniques, as well as pinpoint the likely cause - construction issues, insect damage, flooding, or other factors.


• You are buying a home

• You have had construction issues on a new home

• You are involved with litigation on new construction

• You have experienced, or suspect, flooding or water intrusion

• You are concerned for your health, and the health of your family


Read these important industry papers to see the harmful effects damaging compounds can have on your health:



AirDNA now takes the certified lab results and combines those results with the information gathered on site during the inspection. We then create a full Protocol Report. This goes far beyond whether or not you have mold. The report can include levels of VOCs, bacteria, contaminants, sewage, and mold. We also include information on likely causes, remediation recommendations, and prevention.


Testing and Beyond


The AirDNA team has over 15 years experience in the remediation field, having worked in nearly every facet of the industry. We have prepared assessments and solutions involving mold, chemicals, water and contaminant intrusion for:

• Homeowners

• Insurance Companies

• Litigation

With NORMI certified staff AirDNA can provide you the peace of mind knowing what's in and around your home or building.

Why Choose a NORMI™ Trained Professional?

     NORMI™ members are trained in the latest mold detection, abatement and removal techniques.

     As a client, you have the ability to take the corrective steps toward solving indoor air quality issues beginning with the inspection, evaluation, and assessment process.

     Once the problem has been correctly assessed, the Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector will be able to write an understandable and easy to follow protocol for the sanitization or remediation of the problem based on legitimate and accurate IAQ Lab Testing.

     Should you decide to use a NORMI™ Certified Remediator or the services of a NORMI™ Affiliate Member, you can have confidence that the business partner you select has agreed to and follows our strict CODE of ETHICS.

     You can be confident that our listed members are fully trained and qualified to assess your indoor air quality issues and resolve them thoroughly for the health of you and your family.

“Better Trained And That’s Good For You, The Consumer”




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